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Enabling highly efficient, easy to manufacture antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) 

with low side-effects

About Us


Araris Biotech AG (Araris) is a biotechnology start-up company from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI Villigen, Switzerland). Our aim is to deliver a breakthrough technology platform that enables the development of next-generation ADC-based safe and potent drugs for various diseases and ailments.


Our team is highly experienced in ADC development using enzymatic site-specific conjugation technology. Our skillsets cover significant knowledge in ADC assembly & analysis to appropriate read-out assays and relevant disease models to assess their performance.


We are committed to produce high quality ADCs that do not require any engineering (antibody and/or cell-line) for site-specific conjugation instead the antibodies can directly be taken 'off-the-shelf'. The site-specifically modified ADCs can thus be produced rapidly within a few days and quality control and analysis can be performed quickly with high confidence. Our ADC technology is backed by two patents.

Our proprietary way of generating these ADCs has therefore the potential to set new benchmarks in terms of ADC development, analysis and performance. More importantly, it enables companies to re-evaluate antibodies that did not succeed in pre- or clinical research due to efficacy limitations but nevertheless have undergone significant development time and efforts in Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) and which may now, as a more potent ADC created using our technology, show more promise. Moreover, we believe that our technology can be applied to provide a commercial lifespan-extension to antibodies facing their patent expiry date by attaching compounds that will lead to properties that were previously not available.  

What We Do

Our ADC technology

We turn any antibody into an antibody-drug conjugate. 

No antibody engineering required. No cell-line engineering required. 

Your antibody remains native.


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Paul Scherrer Institut
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Araris Biotech AG

Phone: +41 56 310 45 98